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Stock # Name Description Price Photo
0000 1999-2008 Super Duty Doors Crew Cab and Extended cab doors,Various conditions, $400 for one rust free or less if issues, package deal the more you buy. Call us  photo IMG_3740_zps8i77tu01.jpg
0001 1999-2008 Super Duty Doors Special: We are now offering premium select doors. We get souther doors with dings or company logos, etc. We now have a Body guy that will perfect the doors and offer them ready to paint. And if color match needed, typically $150 to color change and even less for spot paint same color door.Click to see all doors, we remove as we sell them and ad new weekly $400 each, $150 for color change, call for details  photo IMG_7582_zps8c0h8kh8.jpg
0002 Dash Upgrade 99-07 Truck to 08-12 Style DASH KIT- UPDATE your 99-07 Super Duty or Excursion DASH KIT TO 08-12 STYLE KIT

Upgrading the dashboard in your 99-07 SUPERDUTY or EXCURSION to an 08-12 style dash. Link to Instructional video below.

We are including the Adapter kit along with the 2010 Dash, and all components for the change over.Wood grain radio train gone, just gray one available. See video for ease of installation

-See photo for completed install, you can see old style steering wheel with new dash installed.

$1000  photo IMG_7072_zpszdtb66oz.jpg
0003 1999-2003 Super Duty 7.3 Auto to ZF6 Manual Conversion FULL KIT-( NO CORE CHARGE )4r100 to ZF6 -

7.3 Powerstroke Conversion Kit, No Core Charge if shipping . One kit left of each, 99-00 and 01-03. Parts you get listed below, and your Powerstroke is Ready to Kick Some Butt. Sell off your good auto parts, get 1/2 your money back. 4x4 or Rear Wheel Drive available

-ZF6 Transmission and (Manual Transfer case if 4x4 )
-Clutch Pedal Assembly
-Master/Salve Cylinder kit from Ford
-clutch and flywheel
-floor hump
$3500 /No Core Needed  photo 1_zpswjr8bdrm.jpg
0004 1999-2007 Super Duty Window post Pillar Gauges, 3 set. 1/2 price, Seen on 7.3 Diesel Truck $150  photo IMG_7805_zpshqxz9d4r.jpg
0005 1999-2007 Super Duty Headache Rack / Ladder rack only. Nice, looks like Aluminum $150  photo IMG_7897_zpseec97jyz.jpg
0900 Front Clip What is a Front Clip??

You get what you see here, outer sheet metal and inner structure with everything connected to the inner fender and core support, including radiator, condensor, inner cooler, etc. Same for cars and trucks. Use what you need off of it.

Call for pricing for your vehicle  photo front clip 1_zpsdt8oyklu.jpg
0910 Bed Cap 8' Long bed cap, Very nice, late model see on 2003 Dodge, but we have sitting on a ford bed at the moment should fit any long bed. $400  photo 39228195_04X_zpsbfwieprf.jpg
1002 1999-up Short bed,solid sides and floor. Left side dented, bottom bed rails starting to go, we have new rails in stock $400 if needed. $500  photo IMG_8370_zpsrrylllar.jpg
1004 1999-up Usable bed, rust starting under flares and on bottom rails,$600 WITH FLARES, or $500 without flares. See photos for all damage. Short Bed,$600 with Flare $500 without  photo IMG_7094_zpss1ytjdpq.jpg
1006 2005 F250 SHORT BED Will fit Super duty trucks 1999-2015, This is the 2005 SHORT BED,NEW BED RAILS UNDERNEATH and NEW BED SIDES going on now.

SPECIAL: We can paint for you for $500 includes painted matched to your truck (single color only, $200 additional for 2-tone or custom colors. You cover cost of color because it varies. ). We paint it, clear coat it, wet sand and buff out). or buy it for $2k as you see it, we do ship anywhere.

SHORT BED $2000 Built to Order,Available now see lot 1000 above  photo IMG_2362_zps3ron7lou.jpg
1007 1999-2016 long 8' Bed off 70,000 truck, see bottom side photos. $1000 as is or $1500 and dings dent fixed and in primer ready for paint. $500 additional paint to match one color ON HOLD 48 HRS $1000 as is or $1500 fixed, $500 more paint to match  photo IMG_9434_zpsanssgrad.jpg
1008 1999-2009 Ford super duty, Long Bed 8' sides solid, driver side needs pulled in as you can see, easy fix. $500 as is  photo IMG_7631_zpsgbh2b6r6.jpg
1016 1999-2009 Ford super duty, Long Bed 8' Dual Rear wheel long bed black.need bottom rails, $1500 with new rails installed, see photos. $1000  photo IMG_7349_zpspteh8aky.jpg
8500 1999-2016 F250 F350 New in Box,Bed and Tailgate, in factory primer ready for paint. $500 to paint one solid color $650 to paint 2 tone. See photos for New Style bed on Old Truck. Short Bed $3200
Long Bed $3400
 photo 1_zpsamudrely.jpg
8550 97-04 F150 SOUTHERN- F150 SHORT BED, NOT Super DUty 97-04 F150 Short Bed Red $700  photo bed_zpsc4ihapun.jpg
8560 97-04 F150 F150 LONG BED WHITE, 97-04 F150 8' LONG BED $600  photo bed_zpskyyyfee8.jpg
9000 04-08 F150 SOUTHERN- F150 SHORT BED, Not Super DUty f150 Short Bed $700  photo IMG_7107_zpskmri0bqk.jpg
9001 2010-2015 Ford f150 6'6" short bed, Super clean used, minor damage Bed ONLY $750. We do have a tailgate without guts $400 SHORT Bed $750

Tailgate $400 see photos

 photo IMG_3963_zps0uaxnwjg.jpg
9004 99-07 99-07 SOUTHERN Silver Tailgate (we do have top cover included) will fith up to 2016 bed, just heritage style.

$400 Tailgate  photo IMG_9361_zpsiaj5tzuf.jpg
9006 2007 F250 Power Truck Size Lift Gate, should be able to fit any full size truck, even other manufacturers.

power lift gate $1000  photo IMG_3979_zpsriu4adrj.jpg
9007 99-up Flat bed FOR SINGLE WHEEL TRUCKS, should fit any full size 8' bed, any Make truck no just fords, you currently see it on a 2000 F250.

$1500  photo 21421799_3_I_zpsqzvyr4cj.jpeg
9008 99-up Flat bed FOR SINGLE WHEEL TRUCKS, should fit any full size 8' bed, any Make truck no just fords, you currently see it on a 2000 F250.

$1000  photo fee8b57e-aaa1-4ae4-93ed-2679919dc2bb_zpssx8tos7l.jpg
9010 99-up Flat bed FOR DUAL WHEEL TRUCKS, should fit any full size 8' bed, any Make truck no just fords, you currently see it on a 2000 F250.

$1000  photo IMG_7638_zpsiyoc8m1n.jpg
9012 99-up Utility Box,will fit 1999 and up trucks, and mostly likely any other make and model truck as well. seen on a 2010 f450 here 82" front front of box to center of wheel opening, Overall lenght with lift gate 12'8", and without lift gate 11' and 95" wide. Lift gate goes with it, we have not tested, we can cut off if you dont want it, no charge.

$2000  photo IMG_8112_zpsdnqmd0tn.jpg
9014 8 lug,wheel set 16 00-04 Super duty(set of 4) LT265/75R16 Cooper Discovery Tires with 8 lug rims with 2-brand new tires and 2-1/4 tread front tires. LT265/75R16 Cooper Discovery Tires, comes to $62/rim/tire Set $500  photo IMG_8208_zps63n79yao.jpg
9016 wheel set 20" One rim needs replaced for fixed 20" , Tires Falken Wildpeak A/T3W 275/60R20 pretty full tread, Tires Alone $300, Rims Alone $300, Rims with tires $400 Set $400  photo IMG_5944_zpslp5abakr.jpg
9017 (6 wheel set) (6 Wheels,10 lug, fits Super duty trucks 2005-2016, 19.5 Wheels with Tires. 225/70R19.5 Michelin XZE 225/70R-19.5 and Roadmaster front tires. (6) wheel Set $1200  photo IMG_7982_zpstiwpwswk.jpg
9021 TIRES LT315/75R16 16" TIRES Set of (3) Mud Claw Radial MT LT315/75R16 , $100 each. about $220 for fourth new to complete set. Set of 3 $300  photo IMG_7400_zpsy92xriyh.jpg
9022 99-07 Super duty Rims 18" "Aftermarket 8 lug rims $250 for rims, $300 with tires. 275/65/r18 $300  photo IMG_1008_zpstejfucku.jpg
9023 99-2009 Super Duty Driver side dually fender flare. 2 fixable cracks, see photos $100  photo b_zps5dsxykq6.jpg
9024 99-04 40/20/40 with Flip down center seat, Super Duty EXTENDED Cab seat set front row and rear $600, just front $500, truck only has 70,000 miles, will clean up nice.

$600  photo IMG_9423_zps8toqpttp.jpg
9025 99-04 Super Duty Crew Cab Front seat set Tan Cloth (stock# B98256, in warehouse in cab)

$300  photo 26186495_05X_zpszxi7yjoq.jpg
9026 99-07 Ford 99-07 F250-F350 Gooseneck Trailer Hitch - used-=fixed Selections and one for $50 .

3- to choose from $50  photo a_zpsyxg1tf2z.jpeg
9027 99-2007 Super Duty Lariat Door panels with wood grain on sale $100 each till inventory goes down. $75  photo 16c8849ac214ef148f9e3d93b3936ba2a6194d03-1_zpst45v8bbq.jpeg
9030 Auxiliar Fuel Tank Should fit Any full size truck, regardless of make.USed for Gas or Diesel, See photos inside truck, and for measurements $250  photo a_zpslqyf8sd9.jpg
9032 05-07 05-07 front bumper lower painted metal bar new $150, top painted cover $150, $150 each  photo IMG_7079_zpsg8vtnxq0.jpg
9035 99-07 Turn over gooseneck ball hithc. looks like B&W Turnoverball Gooseneck Custom Installation Kit for Ford- Ball not included. $250  photo e97005b8d6dd7f0a5d3256d6a2f584312e5d18e0-1_zpsayyw5lrs.jpg