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Stock # Name Description Price Photo
0000 1999-2010 Super Duty Doors Crew Cab and Extended cab doors,Various conditions, $400 for one rust free or less if issues, package deal the more you buy. $400 and Down based on condition  photo IMG_3739_zpsvdsxnigj.jpg
0003 1999-2010 Super Duty LOCKOUTS Lock Outs $75 each, call for one or pair for your truck 4x4 Lockout $75ea  photo ford super duty front 4x4 lock out hub 2_zpsxceihs2a.jpg
0005 Dash Upgrade 99-07 Truck to 08-12 Style DASH KIT- UPDATE your 99-07 Super Duty or Excursion DASH KIT TO 08-12 STYLE KIT

Upgrading the dashboard in your 99-07 SUPERDUTY or EXCURSION to an 08-12 style dash. Link to Instructional video below.

We are including the Adapter kit along with the 2010 Dash, and all components for the change over.We have wood grain, gray and tan radio bezzels. See video for ease of installation

-See photo for completed install, you can see old style steering wheel with new dash installed.


$1000  photo IMG_7072_zpszdtb66oz.jpg
0007 1999-2003 Super Duty 7.3 or 6.0 Auto to ZF6 Manual Conversion FULL KIT-( NO CORE CHARGE )4r100 to ZF6 -

7.3 or 6.0 Powerstroke Conversion Kit, No Core Charge if shipping . One kit left of each, 99-03 and 03-07. Parts you get listed below, and your Powerstroke is Ready to Kick Some Butt. Sell off your good auto parts, get 1/2 your money back. 4x4 or Rear Wheel Drive available

-ZF6 Transmission and (Manual Transfer case if 4x4 )
-Clutch Pedal Assembly
-Master/Salve Cylinder
-clutch and flywheel
-floor hump
ZF6 Conversion kit $3500 /No Core Needed  photo 1_zpsbtku6j5j.jpg
0900 Front Clip What is a Front Clip??

You get what you see here, outer sheet metal and inner structure with everything connected to the inner fender and core support, including radiator, condensor, inner cooler, etc. Same for cars and trucks. Use what you need off of it.

Call for pricing for your vehicle  photo front clip 2_zpsltwqabdv.jpg
0901 8' Tonneau Cover Seen on 2008 F250 Super Duty truck. Will fit 2008-2019 for sure, should also fit back to 1999 but not sure on locking feature because different tailgate, check online for that. Had 3" roung hole close to window as you can see, they probaly closed it on a pipe or something. $150 to fix and in primer ready to paint, or $400 we fix and paint to match your truck. $300 as is $700 painted to match your truck  photo IMG_1620_zpshbldkmpl.jpg

LONG HEAVY DUTY FLAT BED $500  photo IMG_4953_zpsddy3emtj.jpg
0903 6'SHORT FLAT BED 6' 9" SHORT FLAT BED ,cab fire,easy to paint up headach rack and ready to used, SEEN ON FORD SUPER DUTY TRUCK AND SHOULD FIT OTHER TRUCKS ALSO..

SHORT FLAT BED $1000  photo 24098142_4_I_zpsh32tqru3.jpeg
0904 9.5' FLAT BED 9 1/2 foot Dual wheel flat bed with side attachments,about 6.5 foot wide, SEEN ON FORD SUPER DUTY TRUCK AND SHOULD FIT OTHER TRUCKS ALSO..

LONG DULLY BED $1000  photo IMG_5822_zpshbrfdok0.jpg
0907 8' UTILITY BED 8' SINGLE WHEEL UTILITY BED, VERY NICE SET UP, passenger side doors need little tweeking and touch up paint,price reduced.

8' Single wheel utility bed $500  photo IMG_0264_zpst2cquau6.jpg

CM SOUTHERN DUAL WHEEL 8' FLAT BED with gooseneck hitch $2000  photo IMG_4861_zpspjbagzp3.jpg
0910 2006 F350 LONG BED 8' DUALLY BED, very solid, see photos. $1500 as is and $750 paint to match, call for details.

DUALLY LONG BED $1500 as is $750 paint to match.  photo IMG_1473_zps7x8nrcvl.jpg
0911 2008 F350 LONG BED 8' DUALLY BED, very solid, see photos for minor issues. $1000 as is or $1000 additional for any repair and to paint to match your truck, call for details.

DUALLY LONG BED $1000.  photo IMG_2908_zpsaawj5r8h.jpg
0912 2001 F250 LONG BED 8' long bed white good solid bed $2000, or $5000 more to paint to match your truck, call for details.

LONG BED $2000 WHITE or $500 MORE PAINT TO MATCH  photo IMG_6546_zpslkuzrrap.jpg
0915 1999-2016 F250 F350 99-11 Short Bed, Rough condition, good sides $400 each, or whole bed usable with little fixing $800 $800 whole or $400 per side  photo 00v0v_dmsrNPLpJyx_1200x900_zps50i5rshn.jpg
0916 1999-2016 F250 F350 2008 F250 SHORT BED RED, nice Southern Truck, bed $3000 , $500 more for color change Short Bed $3000 RED  photo db91513a-d5f2-4344-9c01-fcabdb637e5a_zpsddbjgydx.jpg
0917 1999-2016 F250 F350 99-11 Short Bed, Rough condition, rust under flares, Flares included at asking price, good to use for a while, bottom rail need reinfoced ,Rare short bed Cap,broken glass passenger side $100 Short Bed $500 Short bed Cap $100  photo IMG_5153_zpszqcbdp7y.jpg
0918 1999-2016 F250 F350 99-11 Short Bed, JUST IN, nice southern bed, blue, see photos underneath, $500 for color change SOUTHERN Short Bed blue $3000, COLOR CHARGE IF NEEDED $500  photo IMG_0404_zpsgge2wevy.jpg
0919 1999-2016 F250 F350 99-11 Short Bed, Southern bed,solidn, need some bottom rails. $1500 as is, or $2500 we will weld in new bottom rail or $3000 new rails and paitned to match $1500 as is or $3000 painted to match  photo IMG_3197_zps32eutf1e.jpg
0920 1999-2016 F250 F350 99-11 Short Bed, Southern bed,solid with factory fender flares, need some bottom rails. $1500 as is, or $2500 we will weld in new bottom rails and fix bod dents or $3000 new rails and paitned to match $1500 as is or $3000 painted to match  photo IMG_6164_zps7h1jrde7.jpg
0921 1999-2016 F250 F350 New Style Bed on Old Style truck Example,2016 Style bed on 1999-2007 truck  photo Photo Apr 12 4 40 47 PM_zpsmwjcfw2j.jpg
9008 99-up Flat bed FOR SINGLE WHEEL TRUCKS, should fit any full size 8' bed, any Make truck no just fords, you currently see it on a 2000 F250.

$500  photo 4fcec69b-2b69-4c44-8b22-5ef1d2d39395_zpstingedua.jpg
9010 37" Tires Pro Comp Xtreme MT2 Radial Tires on 18" Rims - 37/12.50R18 Retail $400 each, these are like new tread 1/2 price $200 each.We will verify 4th tire if good or not. TIRES ONLY- 37" Tires,on 18" rims 1/2 Price $200 each.$800 for set  photo IMG_1827_zpsdckzzmdy.jpg
9015 37" Tires Aftemarket 20" rims seen on a 2008 F250, will fit back to 1999 up to 2010 for sure, maybe newer year also, compare you lug pattern to ours. Selling rims withe tires together $500 37" Tires with 20" rim $500 for set  photo IMG_1624_zpsmou42tc3.jpg
9019 (6 wheel set) (6 Wheels,10 lug, fits Super duty trucks 2005-2016, 19.5 Wheels with Tires. 225/70R19.5 Michelin XZE 225/70R-19.5 and Roadmaster front tires. (6) wheel Set $1200  photo IMG_7982_zpskrp3njak.jpg
9021 TIRES LT315/75R16 16" TIRES Set of (3) Mud Claw Radial MT LT315/75R16 , $100 each. about $220 for fourth new to complete set. 315 tires, on 16" rims. Set of 3 $300  photo IMG_7400_zpsy92xriyh.jpg
9026 99-07 Ford 99-07 F250-F350 Gooseneck Trailer Hitch - used-=fixed Selections and one for $50 .

3- to choose from $50  photo a_zpsyxg1tf2z.jpeg
9027 99-2007 Super Duty Lariat Door panels with wood grain on sale $75 each till inventory goes down. $75  photo 16c8849ac214ef148f9e3d93b3936ba2a6194d03-1_zpssa1eseui.jpeg
9030 Auxiliar Fuel Tank Should fit Any full size truck, regardless of make.USed for Gas or Diesel, See photos inside truck, and for measurements $250  photo a_zpsbproojgq.jpg

FORD SUPER DUTY TRUCKS F-250,F-350,F-450,F-550


 photo HOT ITEMS_zpslwjk5w9e.jpg

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